VAT returns

VAT is a notoriously complex area of Irish tax law. There are a number of industry-specific VAT rules (for construction, for example) and VAT audits by Revenue are a frequent, disruptive occurrence. If your VAT returns have been filed incorrectly you could find yourself with an unexpected liability – not to mention interest and penalties.

Our VAT return service is designed to reduce the pressure on businesses. We take care of everything, from advice on when to register your business for VAT to day-to-day management of VAT returns.

Put simply, VAT is a tax levied on consumers when they purchase products or services. It’s collected by VAT-registered traders on behalf of the Government – something end purchasers don’t always realise. As a rule, everyone in the supply chain will charge VAT on their sales and deduct VAT from anything they buy.

In Ireland, you have to register for VAT if your business is above the relevant VAT threshold. We say ‘relevant’ because there are multiple thresholds for different types of business:

  • supplying services only
  • making mail-order or distance sales into the State
  • buying from the EU
  • supplying goods
  • supplying both goods and services.

We’ll advise on which category your business falls into, if you’re unsure, and help you get registered. We’ll also help you work out which VAT rates apply to the goods or services you sell – standard rate, reduced rate, second reduced rate or zero rate. It’s important to get this right because it will affect the prices you are able to offer consumers, or your margins.

Switching to us

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Even if you want to change accountants the thought of going through the process can mean it always ends up at the bottom of the to-do list. That’s why we’ve gone out of our way to simplify the process and do as much of the running as possible. All you need to do, really, is set us off and just leave the rest to us.

Step one: talk to us

Get in touch so we can get to know each other, work out what support you need and agree on fees.

Step two: decide to switch

When you’ve made your choice, tell us then and we’ll handle the paperwork and process with your current accountant.

Step three: get onboard

We’ll get you set up on our systems, securely transfer your financial data and get you ready to go.


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