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You might be surprised at the sheer range of support we can offer, from managing your personal tax return to in-depth strategic business advice. If it involves tax, statutory compliance or numbers, we can help.

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Business services

Running a business brings a whole lot of responsibilities. They’re things it’s all too easy to get wrong and which, frankly, can drain your energy and enthusiasm. We offer a comprehensive suite of financial administration and tax services for growing businesses, from bookkeeping to company secretarial. As with everything we do, the focus is on solving problems, saving time and making your life easier.


Company secretarial


Year end accounts

“We have been working with Emma and her team for about 8 years now. They provide us with a very valuable service and have always found Munnelly Accountants to be professional, helpful and efficient. We are delighted to say that Emma and her team have never let us down and hopefully will continue to work with them over the coming years. We are always more than happy to recommend Munnelly Accountants to other small businesses.”

G2 Chartered Engineers

Personal tax services

If you’re a high-earner or have multiple sources of income that aren’t taxed at source you can easily get weighed down dealing with Revenue and its statutory requirements. With the right support, though, there are opportunities not only to save time but also to reduce your tax bill by claiming reliefs and allowances. Whether as a standalone service or alongside your business accounts, we can help.

Foreign income

Personal tax return

Landlord tax returns

Other income

“New to Ireland, it was a recommendation from a friend that led us to Emma Munnelly. And it was a recommendation for which we have been grateful ever since. Emma simply takes the pain out of all tax matters, making the whole process as easy as possible for the client. It gives us peace of mind knowing the Emma is our accountant.”

Daniel Shalloe, Holiday Letting

Tax advice

Because we understand the Irish tax system at a deep level, and how it’s applied in practice, we’re able to offer our clients long-term strategic guidance. Arranging the ownership of your assets in certain ways, timing their disposal and taking time to read the small print could potentially save you and your business enormous amounts of money over the course of years and decades.

Capital gains tax

Capital acquisitions tax

Corporation tax returns

Income tax returns

Relevant contracts tax

VAT returns

“I was very pleased with the way you handled my tax affairs.  A very important aspect for me was the way you responded in very good time to my emails and answered my queries.”

Martin Rochford, Landlord


Specialist advice for your industry

In every sector there are quirks and complications when it comes to tax and compliance. Our clients include retailers, construction businesses, childcare providers, consultants and more.