Corporation tax returns

Corporation tax (CT) is a tax on limited company profits. Your limited company has to submit a corporation tax return to Revenue each year, even if you make a loss. You have to file within nine months of the end of the tax accounting period and pay any CT owed by the same deadline. If you don’t file on time you could face a surcharge amounting to tens of thousands of Euro.

It’s a big, complicated job – and that’s before we take into account the constant flow of changes to Irish tax law flowing out of the Government and the Revenue.

It’s no wonder so many limited companies in and around Carlow trust us to look after their CT returns.

First, we’ll ensure your company’s corporation tax return is completed accurately and on time, using the CT1 form. If we’re also looking after your company’s accounts, we’ll already have the financial information we need to put your return together.

Then, secondly, we’ll make sure your company claims all the reliefs and exemptions for which it is eligible. That keeps your tax bill down and gives you more opportunity to reinvest in the business.

If your company is subject to additional surcharges, like the professional services surcharge or the surcharge on undistributed investment income, we’ll make sure these are calculated and included in your corporation tax return, too.

Switching to us

Getting onboard with us couldn’t be any simpler

Even if you want to change accountants the thought of going through the process can mean it always ends up at the bottom of the to-do list. That’s why we’ve gone out of our way to simplify the process and do as much of the running as possible. All you need to do, really, is set us off and just leave the rest to us.

Step one: talk to us

Get in touch so we can get to know each other, work out what support you need and agree on fees.

Step two: decide to switch

When you’ve made your choice, tell us then and we’ll handle the paperwork and process with your current accountant.

Step three: get onboard

We’ll get you set up on our systems, securely transfer your financial data and get you ready to go.


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